Terms and Conditions
(Valid from 1st January 2016)

Luxury Travel, G. Leoni + Co. or LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL

The following terms and conditions regulate the relationship between you and Luxury Travel, G. Leoni + Co., represented by Giorgio Leoni, Obere Strasse 43A, CH-7270 Davos Platz (hereinafter referred to as "LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL") as the agent for your booking. Luxury Travel, G. Leoni + Co.(hereinafter referred to as “LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL”)offers its services as a travel agent exclusively on the basis of these general terms and conditions. They regulate the legal relationship between the customer and LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL.

LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL terms and conditions

1 Scope

1. LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL as a travel agent:

LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL (Luxury Travel, G. Leoni + Co., represented by Giorgio Leoni, Obere Strasse 43A, CH-7270 Davos Platz) acts exclusively as an agent for transport and accommodation - and related services (flights, accommodation bookings, rental cars, etc.) (hereinafter collectively referred to as "travel"). Travel service contracts are always concluded with the respective service provider, taking into account the general terms and conditions of the individual service provider. LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL is not obliged to check the details of the service providers. Furthermore, LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL assumes no liability towards a participant or traveler for the accuracy of the information provided by their potential contractual partners, unless LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL has deliberately incorrectly transmitted this data and information or transmitted this information despite serious concerns regarding its accuracy. The liability of LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL is excluded for slight negligence, self-fault of the customer, third party fault and force majeure or an event which the agent or service provider could not foresee or avert despite all due care. The mediation of trips or individual services can be placed via the website at www.ll-travel.ch (hereinafter referred to as "LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL"), by telephone, by fax, via email, via mobile phone, and in writing or orally.

2. Your tour operator / service provider:

LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL does not organize its own trips and does not offer package holidays and/or individual travel services (hotel accommodation, flight transfers, etc.). In the case of a booking, the contract relating to the trip is concluded exclusively between you and the respective tour operator or provider (e.g. airline, hotel operator, hotel portal etc.) (hereinafter referred to as the "provider").

3. Conclusion of contract:

Via website, by telephone, by fax, via e-mail, via mobile phone as well as in writing or orally, you submit a binding offer to conclude a contract with LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL through the mediation of the travel or travel service. With this binding offer you unconditionally accept our general terms and conditions. This booking, made by you or your travel manager, is only deemed to have been accepted by us when you have received the travel confirmation.

4. Travel confirmation:

You also have the obligation to check that the travel confirmation you have received is correct. Please inform LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL of any deviations from the confirmation compared to your original booking immediately after becoming aware of them.

5. No right of withdrawal:

You have no right of withdrawal for the agency contract with LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL.


1. Mediation and travel plans:

Our contractual obligation is limited to the mediation of the trips and individual travel services offered. The execution of the booked trip as such is not part of our contractual obligations.

2. Information in the event of changes to the travel plan:

It is also part of the service that LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL changes the last minute of your travel plan, e.g. if flights are canceled or canceled, we will try to inform you by phone or email.

3. Information in German:

Some of the travel services provided by LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL are fed directly from international travel booking systems or linked directly to them. Such travel offers often contain regulations in German, which can also have an impact on the type and scope of the travel services offered. LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL cannot guarantee the completeness or correctness of such translations.

4. Payment and payee:

The price of the booked services is to be paid directly to the providers to Luxury Travel, G. Leoni + Co., Obere Strasse 43A, CH-7270 Davos Platz, which accepts payments on behalf of the providers. Costs can be charged to the customer by more than one party.

5. Agency fees:

LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL charges an agency fee for the mediation of travel services. This will not be refunded in the event of cancellation or rebooking by the customer and/or by the service provider named in each case.

6. Payment methods:

All travel services can only be paid for by bank or postal transfer and in cash.

7. Taxes on accommodation bookings:

The taxes levied on advance payment of accommodation correspond to the anticipated taxes for the booking and use of the rooms, taking into account the occupancy, sales and consumption taxes (and the like), which a provider of the accommodation for with the rental taxes payable on the room. The accommodations charge the provider the respective tax amounts. The accommodations are responsible for paying applicable taxes to the relevant authorities. Neither LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL nor the provider act as co-lessor of the accommodations booked by the customer. The applicable taxes and tax rates vary widely depending on the location of the accommodations. The tax amounts actually paid by the provider to the accommodations may differ from the taxes levied depending on the applicable rates, taxability, etc. at the time of the customer's current stay in the accommodation.

3. Rebooking, cancellation, cancellation, no-show

1. Declaration of withdrawal:

The withdrawal from the trip must be declared to the respective tour operator or provider, which will be shown to you when booking. We recommend you get travel cancellation insurance.

2.Non-departure of a flight route:

Please note the regulations of the relevant airline regarding information about when a flight route may be canceled if the flight is not started (e.g. return flight if the outbound flight does not start).

3. Combination of single tickets:

LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL can give the customer the option of connecting two single flights and booking together instead of a return ticket. Combined single flights result in a greater choice of flight options, are often cheaper, and flights from the same airline or from different airlines can be combined. Unlike return flights, each individual ticket is subject to its own rules, restrictions, and fees. If one of the combined individual flights is affected by a flight change (e.g. a cancellation or a change in flight time), which means that the customer also has to change the other booked individual flight, the customer is responsible for all resulting fees (the airline and LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL) and also to change the other individual flight.

4. Rebooking and cancellations:

The conditions for a rebooking or cancellation depend heavily on the travel service booked. LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL will be happy to assist you in this regard. Whether and under what restrictions and costs a rebooking or cancellation is possible is initially subject to the booking conditions of the respective provider. The service provider may charge a fee or remuneration in the event of a rebooking or (partial) cancellation. If the booking affects several travelers, such a fee regularly applies to each person concerned, please also compare the booking provisions of the respective provider. LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL expressly points out that changes in bookings or (partial-)cancellations can result in currency fluctuations. Exchange gains and losses from currency fluctuations are always settled in favor or at the expense of the traveler.


reserves the right to cancel a customer's booking if LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL does not receive full payment in time.

4. Information on passport, visa, currency or health regulations

1. Swiss citizenship:

If you have information about passport, visa, currency or health regulations at your travel destination, it is assumed that you are a Swiss citizen. If this is not the case, please contact the embassy or consulate responsible for you regarding this information.

5. General terms and conditions for car rentals

1. Car rentals

are offered separately or as part of a trip. Please note that you conclude a separate contract with the relevant service provider (the rental car provider) with regard to car rental and that this contract is subject to the rules of this service provider, which you have to observe.

2. Payment options and deposit:

The customer who made the booking must present one or more valid credit cards in his name when he takes over the vehicle. Debit cards or cash are not accepted. The customer must clarify to the rental car provider which credit cards are accepted. The rental car provider can request a deposit in favor of the credit card company for the rental period. For this purpose, the customer must contact his credit card company and ensure that the credit card has the necessary credit. If the customer does not comply with the requirements listed in this provision, the vehicle may not be handed over. In such a case, the customer will be charged the full price for the rental period.

3.Additional costs:

There may also be additional costs, e.g. due to refueling the car, fees for additional drivers and surcharge for young drivers. LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL and / or the service providers assume no responsibility for such additional costs. In the event of damage (e.g. theft, damage to property or personal injury), you may have a deductible towards the rental car provider. Please inquire about the amount with the rental car provider. The deductible may vary depending on the car and country rented. The purchase of optional additional coverage on site can lead to the elimination or reduction of the excess. LEONI LUXUR TRAVEL and / or the service providers are not responsible for the excess or the obligation to take out additional cover. These agreements are made between the customer and the rental car provider itself.

4. Handover / use of the vehicle:

The drivers must generally be between 21 and 75 years old, although this may vary depending on the rental car provider and country. It is your responsibility to clarify this with the rental car provider. Additional costs can also arise if a driver is younger than 25 years or older than 70 years. When handing over the vehicle, all specified drivers must present a valid driver's license for the rented vehicle class before they are handed over the rented car. Special regulations may apply in the context of international car rental. An international driver's license is required if the driver's license was not issued in the Latin alphabet.

6. Final provisions

1. Ineffective or unenforceable provisions:

If one of the above provisions should prove to be ineffective or unenforceable, the remaining provisions remain valid.

2. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction:

Swiss law applies, place of performance and, for customers residing abroad, also the place of enforcement is the registered office of LEONI LUXURY TRAVEL or Luxury Travel, G. Leoni + Co., (represented by Giorgio Leoni, Obere Strasse 43A , CH-7270 Davos Platz) in Davos. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any disputes is Davos.