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Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the most impressive cities in the world and at the same time a world in itself that is second to none and unique in its construction.

The historic center was built in a lagoon on more than 100 islands. In between dozens of channels, including the famous Grand Canal. In Venice, life often takes place on the water, one observes boats that bring goods to the market, ferries and taxi boats that take people from one place to the other.

We organize highly professional travel guides for you, with whom we have been working for a long time and who will take you off the beaten path. Discover picturesque alleys, hidden side streets worth seeing, interesting bridges and parks that make Venice as much as the famous and beautiful shops in the old town.

Returning visitors like to do the same as the locals and take the vaporetto to the island of Guidecca, where things are much quieter than on the main island. And you will have a fantastic view of St. Mark’s Basilica with the famous Campanile bell tower.

Venice is rich in historical buildings, artistic architecture, significant history and extraordinary art treasures, and is also world-famous for the traditional carnival and the annual biennial. Stars and famous people are happy to meet here. The pearl of the Adriatic is definitely worth a visit in life, you will enjoy it.

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