Be in the Here and Now

Travelling is something of the best that people can experience in their lives.Travelling is an investment in me and life, my friend always says. I agree.

Holidays also mean taking new paths. So many people are happy when they have nice encounters with people, beautiful landscapes, traditions, religions, good food. Nowhere are you as carefree and detached as on vacation, at least most of us. The others are never relaxed anyway.

Many have planned their trips meticulously, others prefer to go. Today’s luxury is time. We never really have enough time to go on vacation. The world has incredible beauty. And the world is full of ugliness. But who decides what is beautiful and what is repulsive? Each of us in a different way, depending on how we are knitted or how hastily we express an opinion. Thanks to many trips, we appreciate our own home, the place, the country, the people afterwards much more. In any case, I arrived more and more in a new way after each return. And I was able to leave for this destination even more carefree, knowing that – whatever I expected – I would take the best back home.

We live in a fast-moving time – free minutes are precious and it is hardly surprising that short breaks are becoming increasingly popular and long weekends should be used as well as possible. Wait a minute! That was yesterday! Travel wherever I want? Difficult right now!

We are now experiencing for the first time in many years what it means to no longer be able to book a trip or go somewhere quickly to relax or unwind. There are limits right now. Feel perplexed? No longer free to do what we want? “No one is free who does not control himself,” said Epictetus, a Greek stoic and philosopher, once a slave and later founder of the Stoa school of philosophy. Stoic calm is the best advice at the moment. Keep calm, REST IN YOURSELF. The mind is free to travel wherever it wants, with whom it wants and for how long. So let’s do it. Let the mind roam by looking at a landscape, a small scene in front of the house, or let’s look at the calm. Many of us have been longing for that lately. And now tranquility has come to a certain extent. Can we really enjoy it now? Difficult to do so, because so much is uncertain. Aren’t we just free spirits who had planned so much, the plan before the actual plan, the short vacation before the holidays, the quick weekend just before the long-planned adventure?

And now so many of us are not where they really wanted to be. Some are not yet at home and long for it, but first they have to be patient until they are finally flown out. The others who are sitting at home yearn to get out and about. Doing is restricted. What remains is BEING. Just be. Do not whine, accept the situation, everything else is childish behavior! Use the time to reconnect with yourself. Imagine that this is your job, not to let you down, but to withstand the tides like a flower in the wind, moving with the seasons and being flexible. We cannot always influence everything, but we can influence our reactions to it. Are you a master or a student? It is also crucial and very important which flower these seeds should bring out in the near future. You are where your thoughts are, so make sure your thoughts are where you want to be! It takes courage to take action despite the fear. A skeptic can split mountains, but he cannot move them. It is much better now to get up every day and say: «I feel connected. Everything I do is useful, it serves me, other people, my environment and the world. » Overcome your limits step by step, do your best every day and above all: BE THE INSPIRATION.THE JOURNEY BEGINS.