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Venice is a unique city with a unique history, breathtaking art and fascinating architecture.

With splendid historical buildings, numerous art treasures and its very own meanwhile quite morbid, but also romantic charm. The city of Venice is like a painting where you can go for a walk. The city with its historical center of approx. 7 km² and the lagoon of Venice has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is a collection of modern art in Venice. The collection is in the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni on the Grand Canal. Works of art by Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian and Hans Arp can be seen in the museum. In addition to the permanent collection, special exhibitions are shown.

The oldest houses, magnificent buildings and buildings in Venice date from the Romanesque period, from the 11th century. They include e.g. the Markus Church. From Romanesque to Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo, every architectural style is represented in Venice.

The Gothic style in the 13th – 15th centuries had the greatest impact on Venice’s buildings. The Gothic (e.g. with the Doge’s Palace) particularly suited the typical Venetian-filigree building type, which was determined not least by the particularly unstable building site.

The Doge’s Palace in Venice has been the seat of the Doge and the government and judicial organs of the Republic of Venice since the 9th century. The palace was the governmental and administrative center of the republic and at the same time an impressive symbol of the size and power of the Maritime Republic of Venice.

Venice has always been a crossroads of different cultures, which has allowed it to be more exposed than other cities to influences, trends and innovations, in the arts as well as in culture and commerce, nurturing a vocation for researching and encountering everything that is new.

In terms of design there are so many beautiful shops around the whole city and for design affin people there is also a centre of excellence called IED. Its ability to entertain a discourse with the heritage of knowledge that thrives in this city and to act as the catalyst for proposals, projects, people and energies not only in the local context, but nationally and internationally.

Come and see Venice, you will always remember this beautiful city! Oder immer wieder kommen, da Sie sich in die Stadt verliebt haben!

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